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Two Services Starting March 20

We are going to two services (9AM and 11AM) starting Sunday, March 20th (one week before Easter Sunday)! 

Why are we moving to two services? What led us to make this big decision? Here are a few important reasons:

We are at full capacity in the sanctuaryOur current reality is that we are busting at the seams on Sunday morning. We have 240-250 adults and children coming to our 10AM service every week. The general rule is that once a church hits 80% capacity the attendance slows down because there isn’t “breathing room.” People tend to not want to invite others because the space feels full.

We are at full parking capacity. We only have 70 parking stalls which means that many of you, including new guests and visitors, have had to park a good deal away. Moving to two services, for now, will create accessibility and create less congestion in the neighborhood.

We value worshiping with our kids. Every week the kids worship with us before and after the sermon. Therefore, we want to continue to make sure seats are available for them.

Most importantly, we feel called to take a step of faith. We believe that God wants to grow His church in Benson. We’ve been praying as a staff team since last November about whether or not we should multiply our services. Because of the attendance numbers recently, we felt the urge to start asking some of our ministry leaders for feedback. One leader said, “I just wanted to tell you that I think two services sounds wonderful. I am amazed at what God has done in our church in such a short time and I think we would be foolish not to keep the momentum going. I am excited for what God has in store for us!” This statement is encouraging and representative of much of the feedback we received.

Through prayer and seeking counsel, we sense that we have heard from the Lord and are ready to step out in faith together. We launched only 5 months ago as a church but hear God telling us to not get comfortable or settle down, but rather to keep pursuing, keep inviting, and keep sharing the gospel. Let’s get excited as we create another 250 worship seats for family members, friends, and people in the neighborhood to hear and respond to the good news of the gospel!

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