Citylight Arts Project // BFF // Four Walls and a Roof // 4 Local Artists + Live Music

CAP Four Walls and a Roof

Event details

  • Friday | October 5, 2018
  • 6:00 pm
  • Citylight Arts Project | 5603 NW Radial Hwy, Omaha

Citylight Arts Project presents Four Walls and A Roof featuring local artists Amy Haney, Brian Wetjen, Christina Liebentritt, and Cindy Jacobs. Plus enjoy live music from Brian Miller.

// Brian Wetjen //
Brian Wetjen’s paintings and sculpture are heavily inspired by nature and the relationship that we have with the universe and each other. His minimalist forms and compositions are carefully crafted to highlight the natural beauty of the materials used. Wetjen explains, “I enjoy creating scenes and objects that allow the viewer to discover their own narrative. My hope is that they can connect what I’ve made with an idea or memory that they find beautiful in a meaningful way.” Working with natural materials, using manual processes, and focusing on handmade work is also a key component of Wetjen’s studio practice. The physical connection between the artist, the materials, and the end product is an essential component in his work. Wetjen studied printmaking at the University of Nebraska Omaha and the Karel de Grote Hogeschool in Antwerp, Belgium. Brian is an Omaha native and currently resides there with his wife and two children.

// Cindy Jacobs //
Paint and create! That pretty much sums up everything Cindy Jacobs loves to do. As a designer, Cindy thinks it’s so much fun to decorate homes, faux paint walls, make jewelry, and to refinish or refurbish furniture and cabinetry. As an artist, Cindy loves to dabble in graphic arts and calligraphy and thinks that designing fonts is super fun! Cindy loves photography and enjoys painting in both watercolor and acrylic. Cindy also creates artwork with pen and ink and three-dimensional paintings with plaster, metal and wood ornaments or any combination of all of the above! Cindy appreciates every different texture, medium and subject! ��Cindy’s inspiration comes from fond recollections of growing up on the farm in Nebraska. The long summer days of her childhood and winter fun building snow forts and going on exciting toboggan rides behind the tractor created unforgettable pictures in her mind. Family was a big part of Cindy’s life; aunts, uncles and cousins! The love of family, farm and her strong faith is reflected in the verses and images of her artwork.

// Christina Liebentritt //
I received my Bachelors of Arts with an emphasis in painting from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. I generally use oil or acrylic paint but always had a love for experimenting with different materials such as spackle and wire mesh to create new textures/surfaces in my paintings. A little over six months ago I decided to experiment with watercolors for the first time which seemed to renew my love for painting. My series being presented represents certain memories from my recent trip to Canada. During this trip, I experienced many firsts, although it was rather dysfunctional, it’s something I won’t forget.

// Amy Haney //
A printmaker at heart, I find watercolor equally stimulating. I enjoy the technical process, planning and delicacy found in watercolor. My subject matter is based on scouring the internet, books and taking requests from bug aficionados. Looking at the limitless types of insects that have been documented is fascinating and inspiring. I enjoy studying insects and constructing their forms and structure with color and texture. I tend to work with a smaller format cold press paper to emulate the intimacy of looking at and finding insects in the wild or on display. I treasure insects because they pass through our lives typically unnoticed while they contribute so much to our lives.