Citylight Kids 2016 Vision

We are expanding our CLB Sunday Kids Ministry. In case you don’t know, CLB Kids is completely led by lay volunteers. We are so blessed to have such visionary, mature, servant-hearted people leading our church in this way.

Because our kiddos are as much a part of the church body as we are – and many of you are serving or will serve in this important area of disciple-making – I thought you’d benefit from seeing this report from our CLB Kids Directors Kristin Engel and Sean Springate. After you are finished reading the update, please consider signing up to volunteer with CLB Kids if God leads.  

image003Beginning in January, we’ll be offering a workshop rotation model for CLB Kids on Sundays and moving the teaching classrooms up to the third floor! With this new curriculum model, we’ll teach the same Bible story for 4 weeks in a row to all our preschool and elementary students. Each week, classes rotate into a new and unique workshop to discover and apply elements of that month’s bible story. 

Why Rotate? By slowing down the pace of the classroom and the rate of story change, the workshop rotation model helps to deepen the student’s experience and memory, while allowing our volunteer teachers to be as creative and prepared as possible.

Sample Workshop Schedule: 

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 3.13.04 PM

With the rotational workshop model, traditional cookie-cutter classrooms become transformed into fun, inventive workshops tailored to the unique children of Citylight Benson.

image006Students anticipate something new and interesting each week with a special focus on prayer, scripture memory, intergenerational learning, and service.

We’re hoping this will be an excellent infrastructure for a growing ministry with volunteer leadership.  We can easily add classrooms or additional workshops without stretching our time and resources too thin.


•    Bible literacy and scripture memory improves when the same story is taught through different workshops over 4 weeks. 

•    Each workshop focuses on a different creative learning style or “intelligence,” which broadens memory and interest. 

•    The core values of Citylight Benson like prayer and community will be emphasized.

•    The children will be encouraged to be part of the congregation as a whole, by actually ‘rotating’ into the church service and sermon on a regular basis. 

•    Curriculum prep time is reduced from every week to every month. This allows for quality lesson plans and more creative approaches.

•    Teachers and volunteers are recruited for the workshop or age group of their strength and choice. 

Babies and Toddlers:

image010Although our babies and toddlers won’t be rotating through workshops like the older kids, we’re excited to begin offering age-appropriate bible curriculum for the littlest members of our church.  We’ll likely start small with bible songs, prayers, and stories.

Our small nursery will be expanding into two separate rooms, offering a safe space for 0-crawlers and a separate room for toddlers-3 year olds. 

Each room will have plenty of space and materials for the age group they serve.  

Volunteer Today!

I want to encourage Moms and Dads/Grandmas and Grandpas to volunteer in a classroom on Sunday mornings!  Learning alongside your child and helping to teach them is an awesome experience and incredibly impactful!  A dynamic kid’s ministry is only possible with your support, and even one Sunday a month is so helpful!  Fill out a volunteer application today!!!

Christmas and New Years Weekend Announcement

All kids will be joining the adults for worship on Christmas Eve for a family worship night. On Sunday, December 27th and Sunday, January 3rd we will provide infant care only. 

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Please contact Kristin Engel


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    Dave says:

    I love the creativity and passion that Kristin and Sean have brought to this mission, and am excited to see this new experience unfold for the next generation of Christ-followers. Thank you, both!

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