Baptism Sunday is always a highly anticipated event for us. The stories that we get to hear are simply incredible. We host a Baptism Sunday 3 times a year. If you are interested in getting baptized or have a question please contact us at You can also check the calendar to see when the next Baptism Sunday will be.

Here is an outline of what will be discussed at the baptism class:

We believe baptism is a:


We believe baptism is not:

Necessary for salvation
For perfect people

When should I be baptized?

We believe in believer’s baptism, not infant baptism. Therefore, we baptize those who have a believable profession of faith in Jesus no matter what age. If you have a child, we will offer you counsel but will lean heavy on your discernment about whether or not your child is a believer.

How should we be baptized?

We practice full-immersion (getting dunked like Jesus!).

To learn more join us at the next baptism class or listen to this sermon from Pastor Tyler on Baptism & The Lord’s Supper.